mBlock is a graphical programming environment based on Scratch 2.0 Open Source Code that makes it easy to program Arduino projects and create interactive applications.
Available:mBot, Ranger, Starter, Ultimate

Makeblock App

Makeblock App is the central free App for Arduino compatible platform and a required app for all Makeblock users. It allows you to interact with Arduino sensors(such as ultrasonic sensor, temperature sensor, light sensor, sound sensor...) and actuators(such as RGB LED, servos, DC motors... ) via Bluetooth 4.0 remotely.
Available: Starter, Ultimate
Required:iPhone 4s and above,
iPod Touch 5 and above
Required: Android 2.3 and above

Makeblock App HD

More than a robotic controller, Makeblock HD is a powerful tool for users to realize their creative ideas rapidly.
Available:mBot, Ranger, Starter, Ultimate, Ultimate 2.0
Required:iPad 3 and above
Required: Android 4.0 and above


mBot App is a free App that specifically designed for mBot robot. It’s an easy way for users to pair cellphone with mBot by bluetooth, we could play with mBot immediately, without programming and updating the firmware.
For mBot only
Required:iPhone 4s and above 、
iPod Touch 5 and above
Required: Android 2.3 and above


Control your robot and learn programming by snapping graphical building blocks together.
For mBot only
Required:iPad 3 and above


mDraw is the software specially designed for mDrawBot. After installing the mDraw software, you can import images that you wish your robot to draw. It is completely compatible with the four forms of mDrawBot and also both the servo mode and laser mode of Makeblock XY Plotter V2.0.
For mDrawbot and XY Plotter 2.0