XY Plotter Robot Kit


XY Plotter Robot Kit is a drawing robot that can move a pen or other instrument to draw digital artwork on flat surface. It can also be developed into a laser engraver by adding the Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack.


XY Plotter V2.0 can be controlled by 2 software, mDraw and Benbox.


 Note: We occasionally get reports from users that Benbox is blocked by antivirus software during installation. This is because Benbox is not in the whitelist of the antivirus software. Please rest assured that Benbox is safe to download and install. Make sure to turn off the antivirus software before installing Benbox on your computer.

How to get started with XY Plotter?

1.Download User Guide

We provide an instruction for XY Plotter. You can follow the instruction to finish 2~4 steps.

xy guide

XY Plotter V2.0 Assembly instructions(2016.6)(update)

Download XY Plotter User Guide

2.Unpack  and assemble

This kit consists of over 60 kinds of components from Makeblock, including beams, brackets, motors, etc.


3. Install and use software mDraw

mDraw is an cross-platform open-source software developed by Makeblock.

4. Install and use software Benbox

5. Resources

XY Plotter User Guide Download Pack (Include User Guide, Software, and all needed materials.)



XY Plotter 3D Model @Grabcad

Add On PackLaser Engraver Update for XY-Plotter V2.0

46 thoughts on “XY Plotter Robot Kit”

  1. Why is it that all of my different anti-virus programs warn when I try to download the .step file from GrabCad site? Is there a safe download area on this site with out re-direction?

    This will happen on any of my machines

    1. Hi tech1az,

      Please do not worry about that, it is safe to download the .step file from Grabcad.

      If there is warning from anti-virus software while you download 3D file from GrabCad, please kindly clear the virus alone since we absolutely not upload our file with virus.

      1. It appears that some laser software packages trigger a “virus” alert when they’re being installed. According to various online sources, it seems that the anti-virus protection gets triggered because the laser software creates open ports to communicate with the laser and/or monitor. In some cases, a virus will do the same thing. In the case of laser controls, this feature is necessary and harmless. Think of it as propping open a door in your home — a burglar could just walk in, but a delivery man with a sofa could need this unusual situation, too. The anti-virus program is simply alerting you to an operation that is sometimes used by viruses. Ignore it by briefly silencing your anti-virus protection. Typically, you click (or right-click) the anti-virus icon in the System Tray in the lower right corner of your monitor and suspend it for 10 minutes.

        1. Hi Hugh Jazscheens,
          We occasionally get reports from users that Benbox is blocked by antivirus software during installation. This is because Benbox is not in the whitelist of the antivirus software. Please rest assured that Benbox is safe to download and install. Make sure to turn off the antivirus software before installing Benbox on your computer.

  2. Hello,

    I finished to mount the kit but when I connect usb and start Mdraw it doesn’t move.
    I’m on el capitan (but I have another one that run on Lion).
    Does I have to flash the card with arduino before starting ?
    Or drivers ?

    All connections are ok.

    Thank you for the help

  3. I cannot upload the GCode Parcer code onto the XY PLOTTER ROBOT KIT from my Windows 7 computer. I also tried with a mac and when trying to get gremote to install, could not get the port to connect.

    What do I do?

  4. Product sucks, no clear instructions, mdraw software is not working on windows 8.1 or even 10.
    can not make it to work.

  5. Hello Sir, why the software BenBox didn’t detect my PC? I’m using Windows10. The serial port remains disconnect even when I had stick on the USB wire connection to my PC. But, the xy plotter seems like it has power on when I connect it to my PC. Only the BenBox didn’t detect the serial port. Is it because of my PC using Windows10? Need help. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jazli,

      Have you installed the Arduino Driver for the USB conneciton on the PC.
      If not, you can download the package under the Resources on this page, then you can find the driver “Makeblock_Driver_Installer” in the package, please install it.

  6. dear admin,

    I just assembled my new XY2 and installed all drivers and MDraw… I found a circle in the test files from the software kit, when i started the plotter the drawing did not came out as a circle. It looks more like a UFO or something, could it be that the switches on the PCB (labeled as “StepperDriver_Y” in the assembly instructions on “Microstep Resolution:HHL”) have to be moved? In one guide it looks like the first switch should be up and the other two down, but in the view in MDraw it looks like all down.

    hope you can give me a reply on this information, thanks.

    1. Hi Fedde,

      When you use mDraw software, the microstep resolution should be set as HHH (pul the small white switchs on each stepper motor driver to H side);
      If you use benbox software to control the XY Plotter, it should be set to HHL

  7. dear admin,

    In extension on my first question, would it be possible to get the diagram of the PCB’s and microsteps?

    thank you

  8. Is there an upgrade path for going from the Starter Kit to the X Y Plotter Kit? Is it a matter of manually figuring out the difference between the two kits and buying the extra pieces or is there an easier upgrade path?

    1. The two different parts lists shown here: http://www.makeblock.com/xy-plotter-robot-kit/ for the With Electronics and Without Electronics don’t come close to matching at all. I was trying to see exactly what the difference was between the two kits. We already have the Starter Kit Bot built. I need to be able to see what else the Without Electronics Kit needs.

      Basically, everything from the right column of this picture from the “With Electronics” picture is not included on the “Without Electronics Kit”:

      compared to:

      According to this picture on the “Without Electronics”, everything else is already included:

      Besides the main board I can’t tell what everything is exactly.

    2. Hi quarky42,

      The starter and XY plotter are totally two different robot kits with different function.
      I am afraid there is no easy upgrade path, you may need to figure it out by yourself.

  9. Hello,

    Whenever I run my xy plotter, it always moves to the left on the x axis and to the right on the y axis. I have no clue why it does this and I am looking for some help.


    1. Hi Scott,

      Please double check the wiring connections.
      Will send you some more pictures to check the wiring connection. Please check email later.

  10. Hello,
    I am having a serious problem making this plotter work. At first I couldn’t upload the Arduino code to the board and them I installed the Arduino drivers after looking at previous comments here. and after doing so every time I plug the usb of the plotter to my computer it shuts down and restarts sayiing there was a problem. I even don’t know how to uninstall them back again and i don’t know to make this plotter work

  11. Hi,
    I have a makeblock Xyplotter and I am having no issues with it. I am using the system as a spraying system hence I need to repeat the same specific pattern again and again. So can you please tell me how this can be done on mdraw or do I use a different program for to rpeat the plotting process in a loop

    1. Hi Kartikeya,

      There is no repeat function on the software.
      For the XY Plotter, if you want to repeat the same specific pattern again, you need to start it on software manual.

  12. Hello Makeblock,

    Recently, I bought XY Plotter Robot Kit, and the mechanical parts seem to be well installed.
    However, the xy coordinates between the plotter and mDraw do not match.
    I would like to ask how to calibrate the xy coordinates between the plotter and mDraw.
    Thank you very much for your time.

    1. Hi DI,
      May we know the details of the issue that xy coordinates doesn’t match the mDraw?
      What is your original image imported on mDraw and what is the print result, please kindly take pictures for them.

      You may check if you have connected the stepper motors to the right stepper motor drivers and if the stepper motor drivers connected to the correct Ports on Orion board.
      For further feedback, please send email to daisy@makeblock.com

  13. Thanks for reply.

    The problem is XY coordination in mDraw are drawn almost 4 times larger in the plotter. For example, when I draw a 100 mm by 100 mm image from the reference point, the plotter is exceeding its XY limit because the maximum range of the plotter is 380 mm by 310 mm (default setting).

    I measured XY range of the plotter with moving it. XY is set with 70 mm by 100 mm in mDraw and the image can be entered within the plotter drawing range. The image that I used is from the makeblock example with svg format.

    1. Hi DI,

      Please set the microstep to HHH when you use the mDraw software.
      You can set the microstep by pulling all the small white switches on each stepper motor driver to ‘H’ side.

      1. I changed the settings according to your explnation, and then the plotter is properly working.
        Thank you very much.

  14. Hello Makeblock,
    the link to the mDraw version 1.2 for Windows seems to be 32-bit only.
    Where can a 64-bit version be downloaded from?

    1. Hi Oliver,

      The Windows version mDraw software is only available for Windows 64bit instead of 32bit. You can download the software from this link.

  15. How to set original position for XY robot? It seems the position on Mdraw completely wrong.

    1. Dear Phil,
      Can you tell us which version of XY-plotter do you have? Do you have a plotter with a Orion board or a baseboard? We have sent you an e-mail, please kindly check it and provide more details for we could assist you better.

  16. Dear Admin,

    Am looking to download source code for geremote (XY plotter) (Firmware and software) I have the link before but I can’t find it (by sources I mean UNCOMPILLED of course)

    Thanks in advance

    1. Dear Phil,
      Actually, all the information regarding Gremote are on the above links. According to your description, your project belongs to advanced project, and we are very sorry that it is beyond our supporting ability to provide technical support of using Gremote. Hope you could understand.

  17. Dear Admin,

    I have installed processing 3.3.5 trying to Run Gremote but I get following library for drivers errors:

    import controlP5.*;

    Import error, since it seems Processing is a “portable version” I am not sure about the path for library import if you would be kind enough to guide me throw.


  18. Hi Again,

    I have installed library but still run mode gets many many errors such as ..

    cP5.setColorLabel(0xffdddddd); (I uncomment to bypass but many more appear too many need to bypass does someone has a finalised source??

    cP5 = new ControlP5(this);
    // cP5.setColorLabel(0xffdddddd); uncomment
    // cP5.setColorValue(0xff88ff88); uncomment

    1. Hi, Ege,
      Please download the “XY Plotter V2.0 Assembly instructions(2016.6)(update)” package from this page, and the package includes the assembly instruction of XY plotter.
      Warm regards,

  19. Help please . Where can I find the idiots version to download BENBOX
    I can not find the site for download

    Please help

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