Starter Robot Kit

This Kit is a great choice for learning robotics, electronics and Arduino programming. It contains mechanical parts and electronic modules for you to start exploring the robot world, it can be used to build a robot tank or a three-wheel robot car.

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      1. I am looking for the basic software the comes, installed, with the kit. Just to fall back to something if my own programming turns in to a dissaster.

          1. This described how to upload a file to the Orion board but I asked the other way arround getting the default tank robot software from the Orion board as a file for editing in the IDE. Or a simple link to this file somewhere on the internet wil do also.

          2. Please download Makeblock Arduino library from this link
            You may find Starter default program at File->Examples->Makeblock drive.

  1. Link`s broken for all resources please fix its, for example datasheet and documentation modules, Starter Robot Kit ( Bluetooth Version, Ir version ) please fix it´s.

  2. Hallo…

    We have a new Bluetooth. But via USB does not respond at de Arduino software or mBot. It is ads system OSX 10.8. … What’s going on there? Thus makes it no fun if ncht any driver can be found on this page. Help the customer nevertheless please times. It is very unfair to sell a product that leaves the customer out in the cold. Gerde for children unnecessary hurdle … So we want an uncomplicated link to drivers

  3. I ran into a problem where the motors didn’t turn well. I thought I’d post my problem and solution in case anyone was having the same problem.
    The symptoms were that one motor turned fine and the other hardly at all unless I removed the load by lifting it off the floor. After some investigation I determined the motor shafts were rubbing a bit on the through holes in the body beam. I confirmed this by disassembling the motors and testing that they ran OK when connected directly to a 4.5v battery pack, but when remounted on the body, the turned much slower. I could also see the motor shaft was scraped when it passes through the beam. No amount of fussing with the mounting improved things very much.
    The solution was simple. I used an 11/64 inch drill bit and drilled out the two holes the motor shafts pass through to increase their diameter. Now the robot runs very smoothly.

    1. I had the same issue, I used the extra nylon spacers between the motor mount and the frame over the mounting screws, It aligned the motors and kept them from binding.

    1. Hi Charlie,

      Please upgrade firmware for the robot and then reset default program for starter have a try.
      Will send the two instructions to your email address, please check!

  4. Starter Robot Kit was purchased for my son and we have tried to program the robot. Unfortunately, there is no way to program like the mBot as is indicated when looking on the website. This is due to the fact that the robot used the Orion Board on it. This prevents us from being able to program the LED matrix that we purchased for it. We want to be able to program the robot to follow a course but without being able to program as the mBot we are not able to do this. The site indicates it can use all of the same things as the mbot and this is proving untrue as I indicated with the LED matrix.

    1. Hi Joseph,

      Please refer to this link to program the starter with mBlock software:
      It is true that there is no special program online course for Starter, since the program principle with mBloclk software is same, so you may refer to the program online course for mBot:
      Yes, the Orion board doesn’t support LED matrix in mBlock software. You may try program LED matrix with Arduino sofware.

  5. After hooking up the usb line to the ROBOT, it never moved .
    Not sure what to do. Need help please!!!!!!

    1. Hi Harold,

      Please make sure the power switch on the starter is pulled to on and the robot is powered by the battery when you program for the robot to let it move.

  6. I bought the infrared version of the kit for my son. We now want add functions especially since remote has extra buttons. His school is using the eclipse ide. I know the arduino ide. The two are very similar.

    Anyway all the links to the arduino sketch are no longer are valid. So we have no starting point. If we mess something up I want to be able to upload the original sketch with the arduino ide. Also I think i want to buy the bluetooth module for him. But then I’d need the sketch that controls the robot with bluetooth.

  7. witch Button turns of the the Remote, also the Infrared Sensor toes not stop the Robot?

    1. Hi Peter,

      We may not understand your question very properly. Could you please kindly make it clearer

  8. This is my second time asking for help. I cannot get my starter robot to work. The IR remote doesn’t seem to want to work with the receiver. Everything seems to work properly except I can’t get it to run. The remote flashes a white light when checked with a camera. I have went over the directions and reset the default program and every variation of it that I could try many times with no success. Please Help!.

    1. Hi Patrick,

      Please upload a program to the robot and see if it works without the IR controller.
      I will send a example program to your email address. Please kindly check.

  9. Can I program the robot with Arduino C/C++ , or can I only use simple tools like Scratch etc.?

  10. I’ve purchased this product for a school project and for presentation purposes I was wondering if you guys had a schematic for each individual part for me to recreate on a CAD program. This would help alot instead of having me simply measure each individual part and kind of guess how everything is.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Do you mean the circuit schematic for each electronic part?
      If yes, you can find more info (with schematic) for each electronic part in this link.

  11. Hi, is it possible to find some mBlock program samples somewhere in your site?

    1. Hi Massimiliano,

      For starter robot, there is no program online course special for it. But the mBlock program principle is same, you may refer to the program online course for mBot to program the starter robot.
      Or you may visit our forum and look for the example program for starter shared by other users. For example, you can see this post.

  12. After I connected the starter robot to my computer and tried to run an example program, the IR remote stopped working. The LED lights up on the board, but the robot will not move. How can I reset the robot to go back to the original code??? Please help.
    Also, can you send me an example code to make the robot go a specified direction for certain amount of feet, stop, and then turn right.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi waheed,

      You can refer to the FAQ how to reset default program for starter in this link.
      Besides, I will send you the document to your email address either.
      As for program the starter to function as you want, you may need to program by yourself.

  13. Starter Robot Kit (IR Version)
    SKU: 90004 Weight: 1600.00 Gram

    We have two of these kits and just set aside a day to build with my sons. We got suck on the second step with both kits.

    All but 1 of the 8 Flange Bearings 4x8x3mm will not slide down the Threaded Shafts 4x39mm. It seems the diameter of the threaded shaft is larger than the diameter of the opening of the flange bearings. While the first one went on smoothly the other seven get stuck at the very top of the smooth part of the Threaded Shafts

    Could you please advise us ?


    1. Hi Greta,

      Please forced to plug it have a try. Normally the more tight the better after plugged the threaded Shafts to the Flange Bearings.
      For further feedback, please send an email to

  14. In our college class, we user starter kits.

    The first issue is that the starter robot kit does not move as the remote controller is pushed. I can hear the sounds the starter responds but no wheels are rolling. I download the the mBlock software and connect for reset default programs. Still no work! How can I fix it? Is the mBlock software good for the starter robot kit?

    Another issue is that we want to modify and improve in class the Aduino programs. How can I access the program from my Aduino IDE?

    1. Hi John,

      There are two possible reason that the starter doesn’t move when control with IR remote controller.
      1. The small wires coming from the motor haven’t be inserted to the yellow interface properly. Please kindly check the wires connection carefully.
      2. The robot can’t get enough power from the batteries, you may change the battery have a try.
      According to our test and research, it is suggested to use rechargeable Li-ion battery or rechargeable nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium which can be bought from amazon or local shop. Or Alkaline battery with good quality like Energizer, DURACELL.

      As for programming starter with Arduino, here is a simple introduction for reference.
      For further feedback, please send email to

  15. hey ive got a problem with the robot not moving when using remote ive checked wirring and battery

  16. I’m having trouble finding instructions for the starter kit. I’v only found some you tube videos. I can program it to move, but nothing else. there is nothing on the makeblock site for the stater kit. how do you program the remote, how do you program the ultra sonic senor,?

    1. Hi, Ali,
      Sorry we don’t have the 2.4G wireless serial for Starter, but we will forward your request to related department.

  17. Why did you kill support for Linux? Both the Arduino SDK and Scratch run fine on Linux. Why would you kill this? It is a slap in the face to those development communities. Is there any plan to support it?

  18. Trying to get the starter kit working. We’ve completed the assembly, wiring, and new batteries. I’ve triple checked the wiring. There are some red and blue lights at power up, followed by three continuous red lights (1 on Sensor Receiver card, 1 on Ultrasonic sensor card, 1 on the Orion card). The robot won’t respond to any IR remote commands. Are there troubleshooting instructions?

    1. Hi, Eugune,
      Was the Infrared Receiver Sensor connecting to port 6 on Orion board? We have sent you an e-mail with more details, please kindly check it.
      Best regards,

      1. I followed the “How to reset default program for starter for mblock”. Fixed the issue. Works great. Thanks.

  19. We’re stumped. Step 3 says “use a USB cable to connect between your robot/controller board and your computer” but the USB cable provided with the starter kit is a Micro USB cable and there does not seem to be a Micro slot on the robot/controller board. There are however plenty of RJ25 spots. Are we supposed to purchase a separate USB-RJ25 cable? If not, how/where on the robot/controller board are we supposed to connect?

    1. Dear Todd,
      The usb port is next to the power connector, and we have send you a picture which highlights the usb port for your reference.
      Best regards,

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