Downloading mBlock, installing drivers and connecting

Once you have your robot built and running, we encourage you to dive into the world of programming with mBlock. The following is an introduction in how to get setup.

  1. Download.
  2. Install and open the software.
  3. Get the Arduino drivers. For PC users, go to the Connect menu in mBlock:
    For Mac users, download the driver. Unfortunately, the latest update for the Mac OSX introduced an issue with this driver. Find out about the solution to this issue.
  4. Connect your robot to your computer via USB cable, turn your robot on, and open mBlock. Go to Connect-> Serial Port -> (port ID). (TIP: If you don’t know the port ID you are connected to, make a note of the available ports, disconnect your robot, and see which port disappears.) Once you have successfully connected, the title bar will say you are connected and the red dot in the “Robots” Scripts will turn green:
    NOTE: To upgrade firmware, to reset the default program and to upload a program onto the robot board, you MUST be connected via USB.
  5. Next, make sure you have the appropriate board selected in the Board menu:
    • Starter / Ultimate – Orion
    • mBot – mCore
    • mBot Ranger – Auriga
    • Ultimate 2.0 – Mega Pi

    Here, I am using mBot, so the mCore board is selected:

Now you are ready to start programming.

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