Connecting by USB, Bluetooth or 2.4GHz

NOTE: To upgrade firmware, to reset the default program and to upload a program onto the robot board, you MUST be connected via USB.

If you want to run programs from the mBlock IDE you can connect via Bluteooth or 2.4GHz (or USB). Here is how to connect in each of the 3 ways:

USB cable

  1. Connect your robot to your computer via USB cable, turn your robot on, and open mBlock.
  2. The title bar should say you are disconnected.
  3. Go to Connect-> Serial Port -> (port ID). (TIP: If you don’t know the port ID you are connected to, make a note of the available ports, disconnect your robot, and see which port disappears.)





2.4GHz Module

If you are using the 2.4GHz module for the first time, you need to pair the dongle and the electronic module:

  1. Insert the 2.4GHz module into the robot board.
  2. Turn on your robot.
  3. Press the button on top of the 2.4GHz module.
  4. Plug the dongle into your computer.
  5. When the LED on the module stops blinking, it means the components have been successfully paired.

Once you have been successfully paired, open mBlock. The title bar will still show you are disconnected:


You need to select Connect -> 2.4G Serial -> Connect.



  1. Make sure your robot is turned on, the Bluetooth module is properly inserted into the board and the blue LED is flashing.
  2. The title bar should say you are disconnected.
  3. Then you are ready to connect:




    Pair and connect to “Makeblock” in the Bluetooth menu of your system. Then find your robot in the Serial Port menu.