Ranger Robot Kit

Part List
Building Instructions
Control with App
Control Land Raider / Dashing Raptor
Control Nervous Bird
Working with Makeblock HD 2.0
Working with mBlock
Working with Arduino IDE
Online Courses
Further Exploration



mBot Ranger is a three-in-one STEM educational robot kit which supports three building forms: a robot tank, a three-wheeled racing car, and a self-balance car. Program and control mBot Ranger via smartphone, tablets, or computer to start your exploration in the world of robotics.

Part List


Building Instructions

Please follow paper instructions included in this kit to put all parts together, or download instruction (PDF) below.



Control with App


Before you run your robot, check three steps below.

  1. Devices Compatibility
    IOS Android
    Makeblock HD for tablet Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPad. Compatibility: Requires Android 3.0 or later. Compatible with tablet.
    Makeblock  for smart phone Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatibility: Requires Android 3.0 or later.
  2. App download. Search “Makeblock” on App Store or Google play, then download the App.
  3. App Connection. Turn on your robot and open up your smart device’s Bluetooth, choose the Robot ID in the list to connect Bluetooth. When the connection LED indicator stops blinking, it means that the robot is paired with smart devices successfully.

App connection

Control Land Raider / Dashing Raptor

1. Choose the project “mBot Ranger – Mars Explorer”.


2. Choose the “Manual” mode


Obstacle-Avoiding Mode:  The robot will run and avoid obstacle automatically. No response when press any button until you switch mode.

Line-Following Mode: The robot will follow a black line on a white surface such as Ranger Test Pad.  Make sure the Test Pad is fixed on the flat surface by tape.

Self-Balancing Mode: This mode is only for Nervous Bird – A balancing robot car.

Note: The robot will automatically remember your last operation mode. So if your last operation mode is self-balance mode, please watch out your robot starts moving apparently at random once it boots.

3. Use control panel to control your Land Raider / Dashing Raptor.



打印 Data log of ultrasonic sensor.
打印  Data log of Light sensor.
打印  Joystick that controls robot’s direction.
打印  Switch that turns on buzzer and lights.
打印  Button that makes the robot run forward for 3 seconds at full speed.
打印  Slider that changes the brightness of the 12 RGB LEDs.


Control Nervous Bird

1. Choose the project “mBot Ranger – Nervous Bird”.

Nervous Bird

2. Choose the Self-Balancing mode, then help Nervous Bird stand up and the robot will balance on its own.


3. Use Control Panel to control your Nervous Bird.

Nervous Bird

打印 Data log of ultrasonic sensor.
打印  Data log of Light sensor.
打印  Joystick that controls robot’s direction.



Working with Makeblock HD 2.0

Not just a robotic controlling application, Makeblock HD is a powerful tool for user to realize their creative ideas quickly.

Providing more than ten Control Panels,users can control Makeblock robots (including mOmega Robot Kit, mBot Ranger, mBot, Starter Robot Kit, Ultimate Robot Kit and other robots within Makeblock mainboards) easily via those Control Panel.

For every mainboard, there are more than 30 defaulted modules, which can control different sensors or moves. Arrange those simple control modules and settings in any combination you choose to let Makeblock robot drive as you wish, follow unique patterns, and more, creates your own Control panels.

Furthermore, Users can customize their own control modules to control different sensors or execute different commands with mBlockly (similar to Scratch,drag and drop programming).

Makeblock HD makes programming robots as easily as building block.

If you’ve used Sphero MacroLab, orbBasic, Scratch, Hopscotch, Tynker, and Blockly, you’ll fall in LOVE with Makeblock HD.

Rocking your robots with Makeblock HD! Get to know how to use Makeblock HD 2.0 to program quickly:

Working with mBlock

mBlock is a graphical programming software which is designed based on Scratch and compatible with Arduino boards such as Arduino UNO, Nano, mega 2560, leonardo, PicoBoard, Makeblock board and etc. People can program your App, Arduino projects and robots by dragging and dropping via mBlock software. It has a real-time code generator function that is perfect for every beginner to switch from graphical programming to text-based programming.

Visit the following URL for more details: http://learn.makeblock.com/getting-started-programming-with-mblock-2/

Working with Arduino IDE

Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. The Arduino software consists of a development environment (IDE) and the core libraries. The IDE is written in Java and based on the Processing development environment.

We have updated Me Auriga Library to Makeblock official library on Github. Visit the following URL for more details: http://learn.makeblock.com/learning-arduino-programming/

Online Courses

Thanks to the cooperation with Scratch teachers, we are developing sixteen chapters about learning graphical programming with Ranger. The courses will keep updating online. Check here: http://learn.makeblock.com/ranger-online-course/.

Further exploration

Makeblock platform contains all kinds of mechanical parts and electronics for further extension. You can find excited projects to inspire yourself at openlab.makeblock.com, then get some parts at  http://www.makeblock.cc/mechanical-parts/  and get some electronics at http://www.makeblock.cc/electronic-modules/

Resources download

Ranger Instruction Book

DE_User Manual

FR_User Manual

IT_User Manual

RU_User Manual


Q1: How to turn the robot on?
A: Press the red button on the top of mainboard to turn the robot on. You will see some light flickers and hear a
piece of music in the start-up process.
Q2: How to turn the robot off?
A: Press and hold the red button on the top of main board for 3-5 seconds.
Q3: The robot doesn’t work after I turned it on.
A: There may be one of two reasons:
1. The battery voltage may drop too low to continue running the robot. Please charge the batteries or use new
2. You may need to replace wires for the motor if they are broken.
Q4: I try to turn the robot to the left but it turn to the right.
A: You may need to switch the order of two wires (M1, M2) to correct rotation direction.
Q5: There are noises after I got the robot tank running.
1. Please check if the driven wheels are correctly installed.
2. Please grease the bearings of the driven wheel.
Q6: The self-balance car can’t work correctly.
A: Check below reasons to solve this problem.
1. Please check if the battery still have power; if not, replace the batteries for the robot.
2. Please check if this self-balance car is correctly assembled. Make sure all the wheels are installed correctly and
there is no obstacle affecting its movement.
3. Learn how to use the Makeblock App with self-balance car at http://learn.makeblock.com/ranger/
Q7: I can’t connect the App with the robot via Bluetooth.
1. Check learn.makeblock.com/c/ on your smart device’s browser for confirmation.
2. Please try to restart the App or reset the main control board.
Q8. I want to know whether the mainboard is powered by USB 5V power or 6-12v power.
A: There is a 5V LED indicator and 6-12V LED indicator on the mainboard, please refer to page 6 of this user
Q9: Why the M4 nuts keep coming loose?
A: The M4 nuts will come loose if you run the robot for a long time. Please use a wrench with a screwdriver to
tighten nuts.
Q10: Why can’t I read the value of ultrasonic sensor and line follower sensor?
A: Please check if the ultrasonic sensor and line follower sensor are connected to the correct
interfaces respectively.
Q11: Why the light sensor shows a high value when in a dark area?
A: Please check if the RGB LED has been switched on, which will affect the light sensor.
Q12: Why the line follower sensor cannot detect the black line?
A: Please check through the following reasons:
1. Do not keep the light follower sensor under the sun as it may be affected by the sunlight.
2. The detecting range of the line follower sensor is 1-2cm. Please adjust the distance between the sensor and the
Q13: The RGB LEDs flashes randomly when I restart the robot.
A: The chip in the RGB LED has memory function, please restart your robot after 10 seconds.
Q14: How to use Ranger test pad?
A: Please refer to online tutorials at learn.makeblock.com/ranger
Q15: How to know when it’s time to replace the batteries?
A: Check below signs:
1. Land Raider and Dashing Raptor move very slowly and even automatically restart while turning or bumping
into things.
2. Land Raider and Dashing Raptor don’t move when you set the motor speed to the
Q16: why the motor is hot after long time running.
A: Stop the motors for a while until the motors cool down
Q17: How to replace all batteries?

A: method 1: use screw M3*8 and M3 nuts to install the battery holder so you can replace all batteries in a few seconds. Video tutorials:

B: method 2: follow below illustrations.1.Land Raider.landraider-battery2. Dashing Raptor.dashing raptor-battery change3. Nervous Bird.

nervou bird
Q18. How to restore factory setting manually?

First of all, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of mBlock 3.3.3: http://www.mblock.cc/ .

Secondly, connect your ranger to your computer with USB cable.

Thirdly, open the software mBlock, then choose the correct serial port in the menu “connect” and choose the boards as Me Auriga in the menu “Boards”.

Fourthly, Click the “Upgrade firmware” in the menu “Connect” and wait until it succeed 100%.


52 thoughts on “Ranger Robot Kit”

  1. Hello my mbot ranger dont work with tablet app and with mblock program .how i can reset my mbot ranger factory setings?

    1. Hi Vaidas,
      I have added a FAQ about how to restore factory settings – Q18. You can check the Q18 in FAQs.

  2. I got mBot Range Kit and assembled it. It runs ok. I would like to start some programming to change its behavior. I wonder how to start first. Will the pre-loaded programe be erased? If there is something wrong, how can I restore back the pre-loaded program.

    1. Hi Hammer Chui,

      The pre-loaded program will be erased after you uploaded your own program.
      While you can restore back to the factory default program refer to Q18 in the FAQs part on this page when there is something wrong.

  3. I got the mBot Ranger kit. The quality is good. The packing of components are well organised. However, I would suggest the bags of component to be well labelled corresponding to the user manual, e.g. M4*8 screws….. It will be much user friendly for those non-technical parents and children.

  4. I just bought a set of eBot Ranger kit. The quality is good and the packing of components are well organised. However, I suggest some bags of component should have proper labels in accordance to the user manual, e.g. screw M4x12…… It is very useful for those non technical parent and children.

    1. Hi Hammerck,

      Thanks for your valued advice, we will add it into customer advice list and take it into consider.
      We are glad to hear more suggestion for you to make improvement.

  5. I love this kit but I use it in a classroom setting and the parts get some abuse. Some of the motors have stopped working. Where can I buy replacement motors?

  6. I can’t get mBlock 3.3.7 to start on my Mac running 10.11.6 as it is not signed or from a known developer. How do I run the application without compromising my security settings?

    1. Hi Roger

      The mBlock is safe, please do not worry about that.
      Is it possible for you to ignore the warning message and install the software.
      Normally, when the software is installed successfully, you do not need to modify the security settings.

  7. Why not have the battery compartment with a flip down opening in the back ?
    That way you can slide the batteries in and out without having to remove screws etc ..

  8. I am trying to drive steadily with my ranger, but it will not do this. If i say it should run forward at 100 rpm for 5 seconds, it stops after approximately 3-4 seconds, beep, and do nothing afterwards. At higher speeds it won’t even run for a second (250 rpm it will only do for 0.2 seconds!) why is this?? It is on a flat surface, nothing is nearby, so I don’t understand. Please help!

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Please change the battery for the ranger robot have a try.
      According to our test and research, it is suggested to use rechargeable Li-ion battery or rechargeable nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium which can be bought from amazon or local shop. Or Alkaline battery with good quality like Energizer, DURACELL.
      If still the same issue, you may upgrade firmware for ranger and see if it works ok with factory default program.

      1. Okay, I will try with different batteries, but I doubt that this is the problem, since the robot did this right from the start with fresh batteries.
        I’m now also having the trouble of resetting the default mBot Ranger firmware… It constantly says upload failed.

        What is wrong with the robot? 🙁

      2. Alright, resetting is done, but no effect, neither do new good quality batteries.. It still errors when moving: moves a very small bit, then stops and beeps. How can I solve this (i need this robot for a project next week… :S)

        1. Hi Jessica,

          I will send you a simple program for test to your email address, please check it

          1. Hi Fabian,

            Do you mind to describe details with the issue on your ranger. It doesn’t move when you set the motor speed large?
            I will also send you the instruction to upgrade firmware for it have a check. Kindly check the email and refer to it.

  9. i tried to upload blink example from arduino software. It was not working.
    But after that my phone is not getting connected to makeblock device and i cant control the device using mbot ranger application.
    What to do next.

    1. Hi Prajesh,

      Please upgrade firmware for the Ranger have a try.
      I will send you the intructions to your email address, please check.

    1. Hi Sergio,

      Please upgrade firmware for Ranger have a try.
      Once still the same thing, it is strongly suggest to change the battery for the robot. According to our test and research, it is suggested to use rechargeable Li-ion battery or rechargeable nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium which can be bought from amazon or local shop. Or Alkaline battery with good quality like Energizer, DURACELL.

      1. What is the voltage rating for the rechargeable batteries that you recommend? The usual AA batteries are rated 1.5v but a lof of the rechargeable AA batteries are rated 3.7v, arent’ these going to damage the main board?

  10. Hello,

    I have mRanger with Bluetooth , I can connect well and use mblock to control it, but when I do some code and RUN the code, the robot doesn’t do anything, could you send me instruction to my email how to update de firmware o mBot ranger 3 in 1 version, as well how to code from tablet and execute in the robot. I try to find but only found videos about mBot normal board, not the board of Ranger.


    1. Hi Maiquel,

      Will send you the document guide upgrade firmware for ranger robot. Please check later.

  11. Sorry,

    I forgot to say, I have Windows 10 and mBot Ranger 3 in 1 Bluetooth version with latest mblock application for Windows installed, to update the firmware need to be using USB cable and in connect menu which option I use? COM or Bluetooth ?


  12. Help! Just built my mbot ranger and isn’t working, the lights are on, but It doesn’t move, and I can’t even turn it off. I’ve updated the firmware as suggested from the pop up on the app (unrecognizable firmware), but still doesn’t work. Please can you help?

    1. Hi Gethine,

      The Ranger robot is different with mBot, please make sure you have chosen correct board while upgrade firmware.
      Please upgrade firmware for the Ranger robot with mBlock software again, please refer to the FAQ 18 in this link:http://learn.makeblock.com/en/ranger/#FAQ
      Besides, if the robot doesn’t move after upgrade firmware, please change the battery for it have a check. According to our test and research, it is suggested to use rechargeable Li-ion battery or rechargeable nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium which can be bought from amazon or local shop. Or Alkaline battery with good quality like Energizer, DURACELL.

      As for the issue you can’t turn it off, please keep holding the power button for several seconds.

      For further feedback,please send email to tec-support@makeblock.com

  13. I bought my mbot ranger yesterday. I connected it to my tablet via blutooth. Everything was working ok. Then, I started to do some programming via usb on my PC (wondpws 7). I have the latest version of mblock. I upgraded firmware at the end. Then I tried to connect it again via bluetoth with my tablet and it can’t connect. It does not work. The communicate ‘wrong firmaware’ is appearing on my tablet. What is wrong? Hiw can I get the right firmware? (tablet with Android 4.4)

    1. Hi Magda,

      For this issue, please reset defult program for the Ranger robot with mBlock first.
      I will send you the instruction to your email address, please check.

    1. Hi, Lance,
      Brass stud M4 * 30+6 is not available at Makeblock’s online store. Please kindly check other store.

  14. Hi. I have just updated the firmware of my Ranger and now when using the Makeblock android app obstacle avoidance mode, the bot avoids some obstacles but then when tries to go backwards it starts sulking forward and backwards. I have tried to test the ultrasound module by placing my hand infront of it and reproducing the problem. At an more or less close distance from the ultrasound sensors the motors start the sulking behaviour until the hand gets closer or further away.

    Can you please help?

    1. Solved it!

      It tried once again to upgrade the firmware but this time i turned the Ranger off.
      Now the obstacle avoidance mode works well.

      On a side note, the app mBlock does not seem work with the Ranger robot. Is there any fix for it?

      Also, on your website there are at least two dead links for programming instructions (scratch for example). It is confusing all the teaching materials and they are not very well organized. I am not able to find the Mars project for the ranger and this page gives me the feeling that it is not up to date. It would also be good to have the adventures of Mike ( or whatever his name is) in one single document instead of having it divided in several documents.

      Feedback is appreciated.

      1. Hi, Pedro,
        Glad to hear that you have solved it!
        mBlock app V0.8.1-EN could work with Ranger. Could you double check with your mBlock app please?
        Thanks for bring us the attention to update the links, and we will report this issue to related personnel to fix those links.
        Feel free to e-mail to tec-support@makeblock.com if you have any further questions and concerns.

        1. Hi. The current version on Playstore is 0.7.0. where to get v.0.8.1?
          Also, when i install it it says it is version 0.6.
          Any solution?

          1. Hi, are you using Android device and search mBlock on Google play? Actually, the latest version is mBlock V0.8.2, which is updated on Sep 13, 2017. Here is the link for more information.
            If it is still the same issue, could you take a screenshot of the mBlock you found on Google play and send it to tec-support@makeblock.com please?

  15. Hi,
    Examples from Arduino Librairies (Makeblock) don’t work. Anything happens. The robot works with phone application only.

    1. Hi, Ben,
      Could you tell us which firmware from Makeblock library doesn’t work for you?
      Best regards,

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