Music Kit Resources


Download resources of Makeblock Music Kit from the following links.

Download Music Kit softwares.

Download Makeblock Music Kit User Guide(Update).

Download Makeblock Music Kit User Guide(Old).

Download Assembly Instructions.

3 thoughts on “Music Kit Resources”

  1. I construct this kit yesterday. Only had a minor problem with the solenoid. Its plunger kept on falling out and I had to secure it with a 3×3 bracket. Now works well. I modified the software to move the code to a more accessible keyboard range so that it works with Puty and node-red. I developed a simple node-red program that controls the mode, keys and selects songs. This has more options for triggering musicbot. When modifying the Arduino code isolate the code and libararies from current libararies as they are not compatible. I will also modify the code so that it works with other Xylophones.

  2. what are the steps to make music robot start.
    I opened the music bot
    made connection,
    press the upgrade button,
    connect again,
    typed some keys
    enabled Auto play,
    on the Music bot the cursor moves on music letters and the LEDs light up with different color but solenoid does not move the stick and there is no movement on the belt …

    1. Hi Ali,

      Make sure you have connected the Orion board with power adapter and the Power switch on the Orion board should be pulled to ON side.
      If still doesn’t work when power button is on, make sure the wire connections related to the stepper motor, motor driver, solenoid are connected well.
      For further feedback, please kindly send an email to

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