Me UNO Shield



This module is a shield of Arduino UNO. It can turn Arduino pins into Makeblock RJ25 ports. You can connect Arduino UNO with Makeblock electronic modules. This shield provides a stable power, so it can drive many servos and motors.


  • 2.54mm pin holes for connecting with Dupont wire
  • Easy wiring with 6P6C RJ25 interface
  • Arduino library for easy programming


  • Rated Voltage: 6V – 12V
  • Rated Current: 1.5A


shield uno

18 thoughts on “Me UNO Shield”

  1. I am having a hard time finding how to info. For your Me UNO Shield V1
    Could you send me set up info. On this item.

  2. I love the MB system, but it’s difficult sometimes to find information. I’ve bought the shield here, mounted it on my Uno, but that’s where I’m stuck. I’ve put much more info in the forums on this subject, but a little info on this page would help A LOT.

    After mounting – what do we do? What firmware do we upload to our Uno? What libraries need to be loaded in the sketches?

    A little more information, please!

    1. Hi All,

      If you want to program the me Uno shield. First, choose the Me Uno Shield under Board. Then select correct serial port for it under Connect-> Serial Port. After that, you can Upgrade Firmware for it under Connect.

  3. If you’re using the arduino IDE, would you just select uno as the board and use the Makeblock libraries as if it were an Orion?

  4. Looks promising.
    Can I combine this shield with other shields? Let’s say if I want to have my MakeBlock robot using GPS, can this be done?

    1. Hi Konstantion,

      For this kind personal project, I am afraid that you need figure out by yourself since we haven’t tried this project to test.

    1. Hi Konstantion,

      It is a shield of Arduino UNO, it doesn’t support with Arduino 101, Arduino Zero or Arduino Mega?

  5. Hi,
    1) Can i use the usb port of the Arduino Uno to power the Me Uno shield ?

    2) what is the use of the two white port on the shield ?(Lipo) ?


    1. Hi Stephane,

      Yes, you can use the usb port of Arduino uno to power the Me Uno shield but it can only provide 5v to the Me Uno shield so that the Port 1,2,9,10 on Me UNO Shield won’t work.
      The two white port on the shield is straight to the power supply port. They can get equal power or provide equal power to other device through DuPont line. Please note, one port is input power interface, the other one is output power interface.You can check refer to the circuit schematic.

  6. Cannot get the stepper motor go work on Port 2. Works fine with Port 1, Port 9 and Port 10. What’s the secret?

  7. Hi there,
    I couldn’t start play with my mBot. I installed Arduino driver.
    I’m connected with mBot through Serial Port but I couldn’t Uprgade firmware and I also couldn’t Reset Default Program.
    Please, help me.

    1. Hi Pawel,

      Do you have the mBot 1.1?
      What are the detailed problem when you upgrade firmware or reset default program? Could you please refer to the FAQs in this link to reset default program again have a try:
      Once still the issue, please kindly take a video to show your process and the problem. For further feedback, please send email to

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