mBot is a low cost, easy-to-run robot kit for kids to get hands-on experience about graphical programming, electronics, robotics. It is an all-in-one solution for robotics learning and designed for STEM education.


  • Easy to assemble within 10mins
  • Electronics are based on Arduino open source platform
  • Supports IOS&Android App. Suitable for individual users and family
  • Two programming tools: Arduino IDE and mBlock, a drag-and-drop
    programming tool based on Scratch 2.0
  • Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless module included, without wire limited
  • Easy and intuitive wiring with color-coded RJ25 connector
  • 2 mm thick aluminum chassis, strong and compatible with
    Makeblock & Lego parts
  • Free lessons are provided and increasing continually
  • Achieve different fun projects like wall avoidance, line following,
    games with other mBots, using sensors to play games in Scratch.


101 thoughts on “mBot”

    1. i prefer to learn about it…can anybody can guide me and give full tutorial (from hardware & software)..can give website for references or send me email zhansim11@gmail.com

      Please help me because i’m student..adn i want make final project…

      1. Hi Zhang

        Here is a link provide the instruction to guide assemble the mBot: http://learn.makeblock.com/en/mbot-get-started/
        From this link, you can download the mBot course to guide Program for the mBot.
        To know more about the electonic modules on mBot, you can look for the info in this link: http://learn.makeblock.com/cn/electronics/
        The good news is that we are planning to update the Learn site for mBot to make it easier for users find the useful instructions.

        1. Pls whenever i try to connect with my robot it keeps on shutting its self down from any source except i use a usb cord

          1. Hi Sammy,

            Please change the battery for the mBot have a try.
            According to our test and research, it is suggested to use rechargeable Li-ion battery or rechargeable nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium which can be bought from amazon or local shop. Or Alkaline battery with good quality like Energizer, DURACELL.

          2. Hi Sammy,

            Is your li-ion battery faully charged.
            Did you buy the battery from stardard battery provider? You may check with other battery.
            If it is not the battery issue, you can try Upgrade firmware for the mBot first, and then reset default program have a try.
            You can find the FAQ in this link to guide Upgrade firwmare and reset default program for mBot: http://learn.makeblock.com/en/mbot-faq/

    2. My MBOT of MBLOCK is connected, 2.4G serial, although I use the paths as loaded the site, the lights, but will not start! Help! Where is the problem? Thank you

      1. Hi Mary_S,

        I may not understand your problem very properly.
        Do you mean the mBot totally doesn’t function when you power it on? Have you pull the power switch to on?
        Could you please kindly describe the issue clearer?

      2. I do not understand the problem either, but if you are trying to connect your 2.4GB Serial to your computer, go into the Makeblock app called mBlock.

        From there, you may go to Connect > 2.4G Serial, and then hit connect.

  1. Hi,
    We purchased Mbot from Amazon,it was so great our daughter who is doing robotics at school loved the gifts.
    However the wheel broke off and we were wondering how can we get a replacement wheel?
    can you send us one..?
    she is had planned to take this to school and show to her IT teacher, we were hoping they would love it and order some for the girls to build during robotics, hope that there is something you can do for us.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. very easy connect rj-25 jack and easy programable with scratch (mblock) .congrats . I wanna return to my childhood days :))

  3. The app Makeblock does not work with my mBlock with a Google Nexux 10 pad. The app finds mBlock and is able to control it with the joystick. But the programming part does not work at all. why ?

    1. The released version of Makeblock App could not yet support blockly programming, and we are developing a new version to support programming, it will be released soon 🙂

        1. Hi, Amy,
          The current version of Makeblock app is able to program Makeblock branded robot kits. Here is the download link.

  4. Can’t figure out how to connect thhe Serial Port to mBot. I did everything right but I am still not connected. Help!

  5. we purchased a bunch of mBots because we all love them! One of them does not initialize completely like all the others. We triple checked our work.
    What should we do?

  6. Hi,
    I want to purchases a set of mBot robots for my technology classes. Do you take school purchase orders?

    1. Hi Riccardo,

      Thanks for your feedback and advice, this issue has been feedback to our engineer and they are working on it.
      Could you kindly try it again and give a screeshot for the whole page once it doesn’t work again. Please kindly send the picture to tec-support@makeblock.com.
      Btw, may I know which country are you in?

  7. Hi,
    My daughter got her first mBot and was able to put it al together.
    Before any programming, she tried the remote control to make it move, but it did’nt. Does it require any pairing or programming before hand?

  8. We bought a mBot and would like to know any other extension that we can buy to turn the robot into other look with additional functions. Is there any menu to guide us to modify mbot?

        1. Hi Mabel,

          There is examples to guide assemble the add on pack in the link I provided. Please open the link and pull down page, you can see it.

  9. Help! We put together the mBot according to the insturction, however, the mBot doesn’t response/move when we tried to control it thru the mBlock software from the computer. We connected the mBot and the computer by the 2.4G wireless USB, and the software shown the status is “Connected”. What could be the problem? Need help! Thanks!

    1. Hi Telly,

      Before you use the 2.4G serial connection between mBot and the PC, you need upgrade firmware for the mBot first by connectiong the USB cable.
      Please first remove the 2.4G serial connection and connect PC to mBot with USB cable, then Upgrade Firmware for mBot refer to FAQ (How to upgrade firmware for mBot?) in this link: http://learn.makeblock.com/en/mbot-faq/

  10. que version me recomiendan para un aula de 10 alumnos

    mBot v1.1 – Blue (Bluetooth Version) o mBot v1.1 – Blue (2.4)
    el primero se conecta con aplicaciones moviles pero el segundo no
    y el segundo se conecta con la computadora sin cables

      1. Thanks. I got the dancing cat problem but I cannot connect to the robot. Could you please help?

        1. Hi Mabel,

          What do you mean about cannot connect to the robot? You are going to connect the robot to which device or application.
          Kindly provide more details for the issue you met.

          1. As it is a servo version, no matter I click connect, the robot seems it hasn’t receive any signal from the computer. Kindly advise as it was different to the mbot we used to have. Thks Mabel

    1. Hi Nightmare,

      What is the problem with your robot? Is it mBot, you may try upgrade firmware for it, and then reset default program have a try.
      If there is still issue, please kindly feedback the issue with more details to tec-support@makeblock.com
      We hope that we can help to fix it.

  11. how long does it take to get a response? We would like to put the gears back together in the Mbot and asked for your assisstance.

  12. Hi there,
    We are struggling to connect our Lenovo tablet A8 to the mBot via the mBot app. Error message: incorrect PIN or passkey. 3 of the 8 tablets connect, the other 5 do not. Have tried going into the tablet’s Bluetooth settings to pair the mBots from there, same issue. Makeblock app works fine, just struggling with the mBot app. HELP…

    1. Hi Chrise D,

      It is suggested to use the makeblock App since it contains the function to control and program for the mBot.
      The mBot App will go offline afterwards.

  13. Hello. I recently put together an mbot and now I do not know how to program it manually. Can I get some help on that?

  14. Hello Admin.
    I am interesting in mBot robots and add on pack. Basically I am considering this mBot for my Final Year Electronics Project of BEng (Hons) degree, but when it says its only for kids and beginners that discourages me as if I should not take it for my final graduate project. Is it really for kids only and cannot be used for Graduate projects in electronics? Please give an honest advice.


    1. Hi Zeeshan,

      The prototype mBot robot is suitable for robot field beginners.The benginners can be children and adults.
      Besides, since we provide an open platform for users, there are lots of adults geeks who DIY the mBot with various interesting functions. So the mBot is a robot with lots of potential.

  15. Hi admin,
    I am a student, and i don’t know why I cannot connect it to mblock even though it is powered on.Is it because me mac os version is too old or something is wrong with the wire?


  17. I can’t figure out how to program my mBot. And every time I try to open the tutorial it says error. Can someone post a link to a tutorial for mBot plz!

  18. My Mbot keeps going to the right when it is going straight forward. I would like some help or advice.

  19. Hi,

    May i ask is there possible to implement reinforcement learning (q-learning) in mBlock software?

  20. I am using Arduino for my MBot and what does it mean if it says ‘MeDCmotor’ does not name a type?

  21. My mbot turns a bit to the right when it is going backwards.Do you have any solutions for that kind of thing.

    1. Hi Seb,

      Does the mBot has this issue with default program? Is the going forward working properly?
      Is it possible to take a video to show this issue?

      For further feedback, please kindly send email to daisy@makeblock.com, thanks!

  22. Hi
    I want to ask: I write a program on my computer but I can’t use the remote to control the M-Bot after I write a program on my computer. How can I control with the remote? Tell me please! Thank You very much

    1. Hi, Alex,
      The remote controller is already programmed, you could use it to control the mBot after resetting default program manually. You could find more details in this link “How to restore factory setting manually?”

  23. How I can open mCore case that remove Bluetooth? I want to upload firmware.

    1. Hi, Branislav,
      1. You could remove the mCore case by removing the attached nuts. Use the screw which comes with the kit.
      2. Also, you don’t have to remove Bluetooth module if you want to upgrade firmware. To upgrade firmware, the Bluetooth is required to disconnect with PC and other mobile devices.

  24. Hello, My mbot will not respond when I plug him into his usb and then into the computer. I have plugged him in before, and when I programmed exactly what your website showed me so that he could follow lines, he wouldn’t respond when plugged in. I’ve tried bluetooth, USB, and network, and none will work. I had to unplug when the motors plugged in, or my mom would not stop whatsoever.

    The Power light on him is red, the bluetooth on his is flashing and the light behind his right “eye” is red. When i turn him off then turn him back on, he doesn’t make the noise he normally does.

    Please help. I have an assignment due and I have to use my robot.
    If you could tell me how to reset him, that would be amazing!!


    1. Hi, Meagan,
      We are love to help you! Please check your e-mail for the reset default program instruction. Also make sure the mBot is not in low battery.

  25. i have been trying for a while now and cant seem to download the mblock software on my computer. i have also tried on my phone and if i unplug the USB from the computer it doesnt do the program. I am about to return mbot due to its very low quality.

    1. Dear John,
      We are sorry to hear the trouble caused, and we are happy to assist you to fix it.
      Could you follow the instruction on this link to start with using mBlock software please? If you are Mac users, then you need to install specific driver. In terms of using your phone to program mBot, which app do you use? Please let us know more details so we could better assist you.

  26. compre un robot mbot pero ¿donde descargo los ejemplos de programas?
    necesito codigos para cada sensor sino no me sirve para enseñar a los niños

    1. Hi, Gustavo,
      Thanks for leaving us a message! We have several great books to guide users to learn graphical programming on mBlock software environment, and you may download them from this link. The web page also include mBot video tutorials for your reference.
      Please let us know if there is anything else we could help you with.
      Best regards,

  27. Hi admin, i want to make my mbot has robot arm, the mechanical itself i can make from lego parts but hows the motor to make the arm works? I think i need 2 stepper motor right? One for open close the clamp and second for bring arm up and down.
    My question mcore operate additional 2 motors? If need more parts, what kind if parts?also how to make the parts eg. Step motor shown on mblock program?


    1. Hi, Yongky,
      It is possible for you to add more DC motors on your own, however, you might not able to control the motors, because those extra motors will rotate as long as it connected to mCore. Namely, we don’t recommend you to add more than two motors on mCore.Aslo, stepper motors are are shown as the blocks from mBot program on mBlock software.
      Best regards,

  28. Hi,
    Can you please suggest us a way to get codes printed to make documentation.My daughter won at school district level and now going to state level.We are thinking to make documentation of codes so we need to print codes block.

    1. Hi, Divyangkumar,
      Do you mean the Arduino codes or the Scratch block codes?
      Best regards,

  29. Hi,
    me and my son are trying to complete the tutorial of Mblock app connected to Mbot.

    Unfortunatly in the tutorial number 4.1 it is required to make a program to perform a left turn (in italian it doungs like “svolta a sinistra”).
    Despite many trials we had no chance to pass level 4.1 even making several left turns, even combining left led together with left turn.

    Up to level 4.1 of tutorial everithing was ok and stiil trying previous tutorials everithing works fine. Maybe it is a problem of translation into italian of the Mblock App 4.1 ?

    Please could you provide which is the solution to pass level 4.1 ?

    1. Dear Alessandro,
      There is an error on Italian translation. It is supposed to make the right turn. We have also sent you the screenshot to pass level 4.1 via e-mail. Thanks for your feedback, and we have reported this issue to mBlock team to fix this issue.
      Best regards,

  30. Hi,
    I bought the mBot one week ago. It’s really good thing to learn programming. However it’s very annoying that mBot doesn’t go straight forward when using both mBlock or remote control. Left wheel is slower about 20% than right. I wonder if you could send me maybe new motor, please?

  31. Hello I bought mBot and I want to reprove it. Can you purchase other parts? I LIKE YOR ROBOT

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