mBot with Me LED Matrix

Have you ever imagined how vivid it would be if a dynamic face plate is added on your robot which enables it to have various facial expression like a real man? Or have you tried to program LED walls to display animations or characters? What Me LED Matrix 8×16 can do is to help you achieve these gorgeous display effects. It’s highly welcomed by mBot users.
Me LED Matrix 8×16 has 128 blue leds packed into 16*8 dot matrix. You can program it graphically via mBlock to display simple animations/text and all kinds of robot emotions.

What you will need:

mBot     × 1


Assemble the led face plate according to below illustrations. Then plug the face plate into port 1 of mCore.




Make sure you have done things below:

  1. connect the mBot to your computer via USB cable and upgrade the firmware(mBot) for mBot.
  2. Turn on the mBot, choose the correct serial port and board


Write script below and double click to run.


For more documents: User guide download

If it doesn’t work, please try steps below:

  1. Navigate to “C:\Users\your computer’s user name\Documents”, then delete the folder “mBlock”
  2. Reopen the software mBlock with internet connection. Note: the software will download the newest mBlock setting files automatically on internet.
  3. Upgrade the firmware and run scripts

mBot Arduino C programming

Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. The Arduino software consists of a development environment (IDE) and the core libraries. The IDE is written in java and based on the processing development environment.

This video tutorial is talking about how to program mBot with C language.

This video tutorial is talking about how to use Arduino mode with mBot in mBlock.

43 thoughts on “mBot-Programming”

  1. Can you do something about programming on a Chromebook?

    I have seen this question on multiple Q / A boards and a few techy types have some thoughts but it is most disappointing that there is never a reply from the mBOT people on this. If it isnt clear to the mBOT folks, many teachers love the idea of the mBot but we only have Chomebooks to use at our school sites.

    It would benefit teachers, students, and this company if they would honestly address this mBot shortcoming.

    John McCarter

  2. After downloading the “avoidance” code onto my mBot “tank” I attempted to delete this code by restoring it to its defaults through mBot Programming, however now it does not respond to the IR controller.

        1. i think you just ‘reset default program’ from the top line menu ‘connect’ menu.. i think
          once connected,and firmware updated.

    1. Hi Kylie,

      What is the version and system of your tablet?
      There are three APPs which can control the mBot or Program for mBot: mBot APP, Makeblock APP HD, mBlocky for mBot.
      You can see the system or version requirement of the mobile devices for each APP in this link: http://learn.makeblock.com/en/software/

  3. When i write the code and i upload it ,it does nothing. But indeed i do think that it works maby im doing something wrong?

    1. Hi Carlos,

      You may need upgrade firmware for the mBot first before you Upload program for it (Upload to Arduino).
      Besides, make sure you have chosen the correct board and serial port.
      The fist time,you try to program for mBot first, it is suggest to test a very simple program and then make it more complex step by step.
      I will send you some instructions to guide Upgrade Firmware and Upload the porgram to you for reference by email.

  4. Ye i did that i upgraded the firmware. But i cant upload through Arduino it says “error”. I have already also uploaded code (controls) so i dont know what may be causing this.

    1. Hi Carlos,

      Could you please send your code and the picture for the error message to my email address (tec-suuport@makeblock.com)?
      Besides, you may try remove the Bluetooth module or 2.4G serial modle from the main board when upload the program.

  5. Hey sorry i just fixed the problem i dont know how i just got frustrated his the mbot and it worked to hmmm ye FIX!

  6. hi
    I m having a problem to upload the program to the MBOT, every time I m trying it will disconnect and I m getting
    ( Error – Could not create the sketch) what can i do?
    can I have some help
    I m using a Mac

    1. Hi Pasquale,

      Please temporarily remove the 2.4G/Bluetooth module when you upload the program.
      If still error, kindly upgrade firmare for mBot first before you upload a program into it.
      For further feedback, please send email to tec-support@makeblock.com

  7. I saw there is a interface to use python with the mbot. Can you share some simple code examples we can use to get started. My son has been programming on python for a little while and we really want to continue with it if possible before going to a new programming language.

    1. Hi Sven,

      If you use the LCD 8 X 16 with Orion board, you can’t program it with mBlock software since Orion board doesn’t support in mBlock. You can only program for it with Arduino software.

  8. Hi!

    I am trying to complete the 8-6 tutorial. I am kinda blocked… is the program needed is available somewhere?

    1. Hi, Xavier,
      Do you have difficulty in mBlock app 8-6 of “When time when the distance to obstacle <10, the mBot will light up the green light, play a note, then turn right quickly"? Have you put any object in front of the ultrasonic sensor when you are running the code? We have sent you the correct code of 8-6 to your e-mail address, please let us know if it works for you.
      Best regards,

  9. I am using the new IDE makeblok 5 and when i upload the program. it gives me a fail message, the board connects find to comm4, but fails to upload on board. can someone help me. thanks

    1. Hi Julian,

      Currently, the mBlock 5 only support Codeybot Rocky, it hasn’t support other robots yet.
      Please see the explain in this link.

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