Introduction to Programming——mBlockly for mBot



(Please note, mBlockly app is no longer updated, please download Makeblock app or mBlock Blockly app)

Control your robot and learn programming by snapping graphical building blocks together.

***a mBot educational robot with bluetooth module is required for running this app!***


With mBlockly, your mBot robot may perceive distance via ultrasonic sensors, mind its feet through line-tracking sensors, and be afraid of dark with its lightness sensor. Build short programs to let your mBot move or sing a little song when it is happy or sad.


Computers and cables are no more needed. Your iPad communicate directly with your mBot via bluetooth.


mBlockly can read the status of iPad’s gyroscope, meaning that you may let your mBot dance by shaking the iPad or tilting it to each direction.


Turn on your mBot, make sure it is with Bluetooth .Then open the Bluetooth of your smart-phone.

1.Find your mBot and connect it

Click the name of your mBot, then you can connect it via Bluetooth


2.Tap “Create New Project”button  to create your own project



 3.Tap “My Project”button  to review the own projects you made

      You can find the whole projects you made, then you can review your work.img_0073

4. Example

The examples may help you to understand how mblockly works. You can try to change example by removing or adding blocks, then you will get an new project.

img_0071 img_0072

5.Introduction of blocks

  • Begin——Under this category, you may find the initial blocks for your program. For example, choosing “when table shaked”as your initial block, then when you shake your tablet, mbot will run the blocks which follows the block—— “when table shaked”.img_0064
  • Move——Under this category, you may find the motion blocks for your program.img_0065
  • Display——Under this category, you may find the blocks of sounds and RGB LEDimg_0066
  • Event——Under this category, you may find the blocks of control conditions,which can be applied with block of “when XX do YY”  or  “if XX then do YY”.img_0067
  • Detect——Under this category, you may find the blocks of detect value,which store the value of sensor and can be applied with blocks of Math.img_0068
  • Math——Under this category, you may find the blocks of Math.img_0069
  • Control——Under this category, you may find the blocks of logic controlling.img_0070


iOS ( Only for iPad )
Download:    mBlockly for mBot 

39 thoughts on “Introduction to Programming——mBlockly for mBot”

  1. Yes Android. Why support open source so openly but make an application for a closed source OS?

    1. We are developing an totally new Makeblock App to update the original one, this App may support both Control Panel for controling robots and blockly coding Panel for learning programming, the iOS HD (for iPad) has been released, the Android Version is under developing and will release in May or June.

      1. “the Android Version is under developing and will release in May or June”

        Well, I have to admit, that you didn’t give a year. 🙂 So which year?

          1. Looks nice. But it only works with the Bluetooth version, right? Unfortunately I have a classroom set of WLAN mBots. So nothing for a classroom?

          2. Hi Kai,

            Yes, the Makeblock App can only be connected with Bluetooth but no 2.4G wireless serial.
            If you want to use the Makeblock App, you can buy a bluetooth module for the 2.4G version mBOt.

      2. You did not answer the question about open sourcing the app. You continuously speak about open source, but this app is closed. Or did you already publish the code somewhere?

        1. Hi Uli Koch,

          The mBlockly App is not an open source App. Besides, this software will go offline since we have developed a new App which is better than this one.

          1. And will the new one be open source? I mean, you were saying in any single place (including the KS campaigns) that the product is open source. So closing one part is not what the OS community expects. In fact, why do not open it, given that the OS community is always helpful and can improve your software a lot?

          2. Hi Uli,

            The Makeblock App won’t be open source at the beginning. Our mBlock software for PC client is an open source software which showing on our official website:
            To some aspect, the OS community does help while there are always more aspect which may affect the final decision. Anyway, we will try our best to provide a good App and let our customer has good experience on it.
            Users are still welcomed to feedback the issue meet on the makeblock App, our engineers will work hard to solve it.

          3. I have a questions and a comment about your statement:

            “The Makeblock App won’t be open source at the beginning. Our mBlock software for PC client is an open source software which showing on our official website:

            Question: Does it mean that the Makeblock App will be finally open source in the mid term? Or it will never become open source?
            Comment: I was asking specifically about the mobile app. So please don’t move the subject to the PC version. I’m not interested on the sources of that app at all, and I have never asked about it. And of course the PC version MUST be open source, since it’s Sratch-based, so you did not have an option about it.

            That said, the mBlock PC app is a nice job. I just hope you don’t move away of the open source / maker movement.

          4. Hi Uli,

            Great day!
            There is no plan to make the Makeblock App to be an open source software.
            Thanks for your comment and sorry for leading the misunderstanding. Actually I mean that for all of softwares and mobile Apps from Makeblock, if anyone is an open source, it will be mentioned on the software page on the official website.

          5. Hi Admin,

            Thanks for your answer. It’s sad to hear that you only support open source partially. Anyway, let me give you a tip: I was using the MakeBlock app, and it seems (I may be wrong) that you are using Google’s Blockly library. But I did not find any mention to it, or to other open source pieces of software embedded on the app. In fact, I did not see any “credits” or “attributions” screen at all in the app. That may be a violation of the licenses of some of the libraries that you are using. My humble advice to you is to update that app with a properly made credits/about screen and put there the required links. Even if your software is not open source, attributions are often mandatory: For example, for Blockly, here is the link to its license:

            But that’s probably just one of the libraries that are requiring attribution there… So if you are using any open source library, not just Google’s Blockly, please do your homework!


          6. Hi Uli,

            Thanks for your advice, I will feedback this opinion to our engineer.

          7. So any news on an updated app with proper attributions to open source libraries?

          8. Hi Uli,

            The mBlockly App for mBot won’t be updated any more since we have updated a new App makeblock which avaible for most of the robots from Makeblock. The Makeblock App won’t be open sourced.

  2. I need the source of Mblocky to modify it for iPad but I just found “mBlockly-for-nwjs” ,and as I know nwjs does not support IOS, could you help me regarding this issue,
    should I use “Makeblock-App-For-iPhone” ? is it working for iPad?

  3. hello, how can I get the source of mBlocky for iPad, there is mBlockly-for-nwjs on github but this is working for me only on mac, I couldn’t make an ipa working app for my iPad,
    please advise me

  4. Hello,
    Can’t get the ultrasonic sensor to do anything with Mblockly. Is there a demo of help?
    Our sensor is at port 3 and is working with makeblock HD
    Regard, Piet

    1. It didn’t work because i forgot the “Stop Moving” after my “Repeat Util”
      Regards, Piet

    1. Hi Mmczar,

      Temporarily, there is plan to develop Android verison of mblocky, maybe will have plan in the future.

  5. Hello,
    I can’t put a value in to “Item” or another variable and use it elsewhere in my program. What can i put in variables? Boolean/Byte/Int/ …?
    Is there a way to display variable or numbers from “Detect” on the screen?

    Regards, Piet

  6. Hello,
    I am missing an “End” or “Reset”- statement in mBlockly. When a program is stopped with the “Stop” button the mBot will stop by an sort of reset from the IPad. When an program ends from an “Repeat .. Until” the motors for example will keep running. Can it be added in an new update?
    Regards, Piet

    1. Hi Piet,

      We have developed a new App (Makeblock App HD) which can program for the mBot. The new App has made some updates on mBlocky App.
      We won’t make any update to the mBlockly App since we have plan to make it offline.
      Please kindly try the Makeblock App HD in this link:
      Besides, I will send you an instruction to guide use the App. Kindly check it.

  7. Our ranger bot is connected to Bluetooth and shows up in the mblockly app, but isn’t responding to commands. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Corey,

      The mBlockly App is only for mBot robot. The mBot Ranger is another robot different with mBot robot.
      You can use the Makeblock App HD to control the mBot Ranger robot. Here is the download link for Makeblock App HD:
      You can also download the App by searching the Makeblock in App store or Apple store.
      I will send an instruction to guide use the Makeblock App HD by email.

  8. I can’t player it with my IPad. I think it connected to mbot but it doesn’t even move. I don’t know what is going on. Some say it is just for Android.

    1. Hi Jinwoo,

      The mBlockly APP is only available for iOS device instead of Android.
      Since this sokftware will be offline, I suggest that you use the Makeblock APP in this link:
      If the mBot still doesn’t move when control it, please reset default program for it refer to the FAQ in this link:

      Besides, you may also check the batteries.According to our test and research, it is suggested to use rechargeable Li-ion battery or rechargeable nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium which can be bought from amazon or local shop. Or Alkaline battery with good quality like Energizer, DURACELL.

        1. Hi Jinwoo,

          You can play it in mBlockly APP, since we won’t maintain the mBlockly APP, we can’t make sure if there is any issue caused by the APP.
          Actually, the Makeblock has containd the program function which mBlockly APP has. So it is suggested to use the Makeblock APP.
          Once the robot still doesn’t move after it got connected to Makeblock APP, please upgrade firmware or reset default program for the robot

    1. Hi Mikeelee,

      What is the detailed problems on the Ranger robot?
      Anyway, you may need upgrade firmware for the Ranger robot, please refer to the FAQ 18 in this link:
      Besides, if the robot doesn’t move after upgrade firmware, please change the battery for it have a check. According to our test and research, it is suggested to use rechargeable Li-ion battery or rechargeable nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium which can be bought from amazon or local shop. Or Alkaline battery with good quality like Energizer, DURACELL.

      For further feedback,please send email to

  9. I have a Codeybot. Will the Makeblock app work with a Codeybot? I’m asking because I’ve read mBlockly is no longer supported. I made a pretty big investment to teach my son programming so I need an app that works.

    1. Hi Stacy,

      The Makeblock App doesn’t work with Codeybot.
      The iPad version mBlockly App for Codeybot can program the Codeybot robot.

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