More than a robotic controller, Makeblock is a powerful tool for users to realize their creative ideas rapidly.
Available: mBot、Ranger、Starter/Ultimate、Ultimate2.0

Required:iPhone4S/iPad 3, iOS 9.0 and above

Required: Android 4.3 and above

Providing more than ten Control Panels, users can control Makeblock robots (including mBot Ranger, mBot, Starter Robot Kit, Ultimate Robot Kit and other robots utilizing Makeblock mainboards) easily via those Control Panels.

For every mainboard, there are more than 30 predefined modules, which can control different sensors or execute various commands. Arrange those simple control modules and settings in any combination you choose, you can drive Makeblock robots as you wish. You may even create your own control panels.

Furthermore, Users can customize their own control modules to control different sensors or execute different commands with mBlockly (Drag-and-drop style programming similar to Scratch).Makeblock makes programming robots as easy as using building blocks.

If you’ve used Sphero MacroLab, orbBasic, Scratch, Hopscotch, Tynker, and Blockly , you’ll fall in LOVE with Makeblock.Rocking your robots with Makeblock!

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    1. 是安卓手机么? 我们在国内的应用市场也有上架,可以在 应用宝 里搜搜试试

      1. Hello,
        I’ll use the Infrared-Reiceiver-Modul with arduBlock under Arduino 1.6.10.
        When I try to compile the compiler say’s:

        Makeblock.h Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden.

        What must I do ?


        1. Hi, Ulli,
          Are you using the example from Makeblock library? If you are, could you install Arduino 1.6.5 instead of 1.6.10 please?

    1. Hi Barbara,

      We have made updated for previous makeblock App which called Makeblock App HD.
      The previous makeblock App (doesn’t exist) doesn’t work Ultimate 2.0 while the Makeblock App HD works Ultimate 2.0
      Here is the link where you can download makeblock App HD (also called Makeblock App):

      1. “Makeblock App HD” appears to be missing from the software page. I really want to buy the Ultimate 2.0, but not without that app to control it. Do you know when it will be back?

        1. Hi Kevin,

          The Makeblock App is the Makeblock App HD. You can use this App to control the Ultimate 2.0.

  1. There is a problem with the variables’s definition in makeblock App for Android.
    When you want rename the variable “item” is not posible, you can not create variables with another name.

    1. Hi Manuel,

      Thanks for your feedback. We have verifid this problem on Android device. Have recorded it and fix this one next version App.

  2. This app is not working properly in my android mobile. All the predefined elements work in the right way but when I try to put something new (a button, a distance display, etc) simply don’t work… Maybe I’m making somethig wrong. Do you have any tutorial with examples?


    1. Hi Xavi,

      Please make sure you have installed the latest version makeblock App have a try.
      What is the system and version of system on your mobile phone?
      There is no tutorial guide program on makeblock. While I will send you a document with a simple introduction to you for reference.

  3. Is it possible to share projects you make on you own device with other people so they can use it from their device.

  4. HI Admin,

    I am using makeblock app, is it possible to get the light sensor reading? As the light sensor was build on board, there is no option (port 3, 4 & 6) I can choose to use.

    1. Hi Matthew,

      Thanks for your suggestion, we will add your request into customer request list to engineers for further assessment. Thanks!

  5. Hi Admin,

    i am using the makeblock app on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with Android 4.1.2. Controlling the Ultimate 2.0 is working properly with the predifined projects, but whenever I try to set my own project or just add buttons, i am only able to add buttons to the graphical view, but they are not displayed in the coding section. Therefore it is impossible to set code for the new buttons.

  6. Hi admin

    How can we save the program please ?
    I always loose my new button when i leave the app.

    1. Hi John, normally it will be saved as a new project. Whne you open the APP again, you can pull down the project list for your robot and you can see the new projects generated automatically.

    2. Hi John, normally it will be saved as a new project. When you open the APP again, you can pull down the project list for your robot and you can see the new projects generated automatically.

  7. This is the most terrible app I have ever used. Cant export code, can’t share. SO hard to touch and modify things. No way to comment and if you have a phone with small screen god save you.. 🙁 I regret buying balance bot and megapi since its so hard to program it!

    1. Hi Ruta,

      Normally, it won’t be hard to use this APP, anyway, I will provide feedback about your views on the Makeblock APP to our product manager and we will keep improving on this APP.

  8. Hello,
    Will there be any version for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile?
    For example an UWP app.

    1. Hi Nikita,

      There is no such version APP.
      Currently, the Makeblock APP is for Android system and iOS system.

        1. Hi, Sven,
          Do you mean the Makeblock app for Windows Phone? If so, we are sorry that we don’t have Makeblock app which is designed for Windows App.

  9. Dear Admin,
    I have the same problem as mentioned by Susanne (2017-01-06 at 20:14) and probably Xavi Espàrrech (2016-12-17 at 22:34 ).
    Predefined projects work well, but creating a new project not. I can add controls on the graphical window. I can enter into the edit code section. BUT, then the definition for the placed buttons do NOT appear (at the top of the window), neither any name on the code window. I am using Samsung Tab2 with Android 4.1.2. (PS. It works on more recent smartphone). Is it possible to correct (Note: I saw same problem mentioned in blog).

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your feedback.
      I will prvide the feedback of the issue to our engineers and keep improving the APP

  10. Hello,
    Can I use Makeblock APP with an iPad/iPhone + a mBot Ranger (I do write “Ranger”) ?

  11. Hi guys

    I have a project created in my android cell phone. for Mbot.

    Is there any way to copy this project to my tablet, is there any file that can I move?


    1. Hi Ramiro Fabian Bugari,

      There is no such function on the APP to move project from phone to other mobile device. Thanks for your query.

  12. Good afternoon,

    I have an Starter kit, and we are having problems to manage it.

    We assembled it the correct way, and it works during a period.

    Now when i connect with the app Makeblock and give some command, i loose the control, the Starter does not respond any another command.

    I was trying to use unmanaged mode and it was working, but I’ve tried to upgrade the firmware and upgrade the APP now the unmanaged mode is not working too, and the managed mode is not responding after the firts command.

    What can be done in this case?

    Thanks for any assistance!

    Rodrigo Estanislau
    Products Manager
    Studica Brasil

    1. Hi, Rodrigo,
      As the issue you described, here are some troubleshooting steps you could try.
      1. It might be the low battery issue. Make sure the battery is fully charged.
      2. Download the latest version mBlock v.3.4.6 software on your PC. Reset default program manually.
      If the above instructions don’t work for the starter, please contact

      1. Hello,

        I’ve tried all that, without success.

        I was talking to support on China. I’ll try this e-mail support you sent.

        Thank you.

  13. Hello
    We have brought an mBot and are using the makeblock Android app and want to know how to get the mbot to turn 90 degree right or left.
    Is there a command in Makeblock to support this?
    Also is there a way to measure distance based on speed setting.?
    Hope you can help

    1. Hi, Jason,
      Please check this link for getting mBot to turn specific angle.

      In terms of measuring distance based on speed setting, here are factors that you need to consider:
      When the speed setting is 50, the “50” is not reflecting the real speed value. The real running speed is depends on the voltage and speed value.
      For instance:
      1.The setting speed is 50, and the maximum speed is 255.
      2.The battery is 3.7V, and it is fully charged.
      3.The rated voltage is 6V for TT Geared Motor, and the no load speed: 200RPM±10%
      Real running speed=50/255×3.7/6×(200RPM±10%)
      Then you could calculate the distance based on the real running speed and the perimeter of the wheel.

  14. hi
    i have this app for airblock and i have seen, that it isn’t working well: the drone is uncontrollable; only hovercraft is good, and programing isn’t working well. i want to you improve this app cause this toy is useless by this app. please improve it.
    thanks for attention

  15. I cannot find any information to guide the process of which app to use, how to download the app, how long to charge the battery before use, for an ipad 2

    1. Hi, Luis,
      Please refer to this link for the app information:
      Also, Makeblock app is required iPhone4S/iPad 3, iOS 9.0 and above, so it is not applicable to iPad 2. Do you have other mobile devices to download the Makeblock app?
      In terms of rechargeable battery, it depends on what types of the battery you use. Please follow the batteries’ instruction to charge before use.

  16. It would be really great if the app could either be downloaded directly from here, or if it were available on the Amazon app store. My kids have kindle fire tablets, but can’t control their airblock with them.

  17. How can a variable be influenced by another variable than the one that changes the variable? As for example this afternoon I wanted to make change the speed of the Quad-direction Pad with a cursor and to do this I had used a variable.

    1. Hi, Alexis,
      You could program a button in Makeblock app environment, and find the Math section, search commands named “set item to”or “change item by” and they are the variable you need.
      I have sent screenshots to your e-mail for your reference.

  18. Just got our Airblock. With my son’s Samsung S5 its absolutely uncontrollable. It doesnt respond and when it does it just goes up and we cant get it down easily either. Change to my Samsung Note 4 though, and all is well.

    1) Is there anyway to diagnose what the problem is as my son cannot use my phone.

    2) I see there is a PC app, but is it programming only or is there a “auto drive” mode like for android?

    1. Hi, Peter,
      Thanks for leaving a message regarding Airblock!
      1) Please follow the instruction from this link to control Airblock.
      2) Currently, Airblock can be only controlled and programmed by Makeblock app on mobile devices, and it doesn’t have a “auto drive” mode. Please refer to this link for coding examples.
      If you have any more questions and concerns related to Airblock, feel free to e-mail
      Best regards,

    1. Hi Steve,
      Do you mean using Makeblock app to connect PC? If you do, Makeblock app cannot connect to PC.

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