Getting Started: Control your robots with mobile Apps

After you wired up your creation, you may download one of these mobile Apps provided by Makeblock.

Most of these apps need a smartphone with Android or iOS operating system. Your phone need to have Bluetooth to work with Makeblock robots. Specifically, it needs to be iPhone 4s or above, iPad 3rd generation (includes iPad mini) or above, or Android phones/tablets shipped with Bluetooth.

All the software is available at our download page.

mBot (iOS, Android), as its name suggests, are used to control mBots. It have a joystick to move the robot around; it can trigger auto-driving modes in mBots; and it can drive mBot by tilting or shaking the phone.


Makeblock app (iOS, Android) can be used to control motors or read sensor values. It is quite flexible – users can design their “control panels” for their robots by dragging components around. It is ideal for DIY users.


If you have iPads, mBlockly provides a light-weighted environment to learn some basics of programming with mBot and the iPad.



Next Steps

Programming with mBlock

38 thoughts on “Getting Started: Control your robots with mobile Apps”

  1. Are there any blogs or books in german to learn programming with mBlock? I just bought an makeblock tank robot. I (57) would prefer to read (and understand) in german :))

    Thanks for your answer!

  2. my app will not work how do you turn on the blue tooth
    can anyone help me pls

    please comment soon

    thank you

    1. Could you tell me which app do you have ?
      Our latest app is Makeblock that support all of our kit including mBot kit, Starter kit ,Ultimate Kit , mBot Ranger and Ultimate 2.0 kit.
      You may try it.
      And you’d better following instruction of wiring.

  3. Hello Guys, Have got a Makeblock bluetooth version for my son. it works fine with PC and Mac and even connects to my Iphone without any issues… but it wont pair with his Ipad I have tried to update the firmware and everything I could but it just won’t connect…Please can somebody advise any solution for this.


    1. Hi Alrshad,

      What is the version of your iPad? The bluetooth on Makeblock robots work on iPad 3 and above.

    2. i don’t know how to pair it but seeing how you could with an Iphone could you maybe help expaining it for me that would be great

    1. Hi Bogdan,

      Do you control the mBot with the Makeblock APP HD?
      Please kindly upgrade firmware for mBot first, then reset default program and see if it will move. I will send the instruction to your email address, please kindly check.

      Once the mBot still doesn’t move, please check the battery.

  4. I have a mbot ranger with the Auriga (AT256) board. I am trying to program it myself. Is there a spec document that shows what sensors are connected to what ports? Maybe a schematic?

    I tried compiling the sample code. While it compiles and uploads to the board, it does not work for me.

    Any help is appreciated.

    1. Hi Eric D,

      Do you use the mBot App to control the mBot Ranger robot? Actually, the mBot App is for mBot robot only.
      Please download the Makeblock App HD in this link to control the mBot Ranger robot:

      Since the Me Auriga board is the updated version of Orion board, you can refer to the expannation for Orion board in this link to understand the sensor should be connected to which port:

  5. same problm here. the app finds the device and tries to connect but coneection fails everytime

    1. Hi Henk Vanden Herrewegen,

      Which robot and App do you use?
      You may need pair your mobile device to the Bluetooth from the robot before the connection.
      Besides, double check the battery. The Bluetooth connection will be unstable if the robot cannot get enough power from the battery.

    1. Hi Jyoti,

      Do you mean you can see the Makeblock Bluetooth signal on your phone but cannot get it paired?
      Which App do you use? It is suggested to download the Makeblock App in this link since the mBot App is already offline:
      Besides, what is the system of your phone? And what is the version of the system?

  6. My classroom has the Asus ZenPad C7.0 tablets. Will the Asus work with the mBots?

    1. Hi Amanda,

      The starter kits doesn’t work with the Chromebook since we don’t have software support it.

      1. I am using an iPad Air with iOS version 10.1. My iPad can detect the robot in the Bluetooth settings but it cannot connect to the robot. Does the Bluetooth work with an iPad Air? If it does what could be the reason that it won’t connect to the robot.

        1. Hi Greg,

          Which robot do you have and which mobile App do you use?
          It is suggested to use the Makeblock App:
          it works with iPad 3, iOS 8.3 and above. So it should work with iPad Air.

          For the issue that you can detect the Bluetooth but can’t connect to it, please change the battery for the robot have a try.According to our test and research, it is suggested to use rechargeable Li-ion battery or rechargeable nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium which can be bought from amazon or local shop. Or Alkaline battery with good quality like Energizer, DURACELL.

          1. I bought new fully charged nickel-metal hydride batteries and put them in the robot. I no longer see the mBot as an available device in the Bluetooth settings on my iPad Air. It also does not show up as an available device on my iPhone 6. The blue light on the mBot is flashing. I tried new alkaline batteries as well and had the same problem.

            The remote control mode and the obstacle avoidance modes work. But the robot does not follow the line on the line-follower map when in line-following mode.

            I have the mBot Bluetooth version 1.1. This is really disappointing. This appears to be a defective robot.

          2. Hi Greg,

            Can you see the Bluetooth signal from mBot before?
            You may just open the Makeblock App on your mobile device and move it close the the Bluetooth module, see if it can get connected automatically (no need to pair it first).
            If the Makeblock App can’t connect to it automatically, please click on the option on the right bottom corner to check the detected Bluetooth list by the App, then please kindly take a picture for the Detected Bluetooth list of the Makeblock APP.

            As for the line follower issue, please reset default program for the mBot refer to the FAQ in this link first:
            If the line follower mode still doesn’t work, makes sure the line follower module is connected to port 2 on mCore and replug the RJ25 cable for both side have a try.

            For further feedback, please send email to

          3. Sorry. Your reply didn’t show until I refreshed the screen. I will try what you recommend and get back to you via email.

  7. I also can’t even detect the Makeblock on my iPhone 6 Bluetooth. The Makeblock robot does not show up as an available device on my iPhone 6.

    1. Hi Greg,

      Is the Bluetooth function on the iPhone 6 opened?
      Which robot do you have? Is there a Blue LED on Bluetooth module keeps slow flash?
      Please also check the batteries on robot and make sure that it can provide enough power.

  8. Hi, when I try to turn on my mBot, it doesn’t turn on. So, I have tug the cord of the AA battery holder. Have any suggestions of how to fix it?

    1. Hi BurntCreeper,

      Do you mean there is totally no led lit up when you power on the mBot?
      Why do you tug the cord of the AA battery holder? Will the mBot be powered on when you power it with rechargeable li-thium battery?

  9. Assembled mBot and all lights are on including a solid blue light for Bluetooth. It will not connect to iPhone 6 or 7 in makeblock app. Suggestions?

    1. Hi Kristin,

      Please restart the mBot have a try (power off and power back on). If the blue led on Bluetooth module is solid on, normally means it has connected to some device. You may check if its Bluetooth has connected to some device.
      Normally, when the mBot Bluetooth hasn’t connected to any device, the Blue led keeps slow flashing.

      For further feedback, please kindly send email to

  10. Hi, please,
    How do i connect mbot 2.4G with ipad app? I can use only bluethooth connect :/

    1. Hi, Marek,
      The 2.4G version mBot cannot be controlled by the mobile App since the Makeblock APP only support Bluetooth connection.

  11. Hi,
    I am able to use the iPad app if the mbot is connected to my laptop through the USB. When the USB is unplugged the iPad can not detect it anymore.
    Advise please.

    1. Hi, Samantha,
      The problem you described seems like the robot is in low battery. Have you replaced new batteries for your robot? If it is still the same issue, could you provide a video how you control it and send it to please?

  12. Hello
    I have a Problem. I have the Robot Educational Robot Kit and I have the Makeblock and Mbot app. My Mobile Phone with Android find the Robot,but he isn’t Pairing. Pls help me.

    1. Hi Max,

      Do you mean you have the mBot robot?
      When you connect the Makeblock APP to the mBot robot Bluetooth, there is no need to pair it first.
      I will send you an email with instructions to connect mBot Bluetooth, please check it.

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