DC Encoder Motor – 25 6V/185RPM



Me Encoder Motor Driver can control up to 2 DC Encoder Motors. Precise speed and position of 2 motors can be set and get separately. The motor driver IC is TB6612, same as Me Dual DC Motor Driver. We provide a software for tuning P-I-D parameters of the driver, so that it could work well in different conditions. The reduction-gear ratio of the motor is about 46. You can also edit the reduction-gear ratio in the software. Note: It requires some PID tuning experience, and a USB-to-UART module.


  1. Precise speed and position controlling.
  2. Real-time speed and position feedback.
  3. TB6612PNG motor driver IC with high efficient MOSFET-based H-bridges.
  4. Easy programming with Arduino library.
  5. 6V to 12V motor supply range.
  6. 1A maximum continous current per motor.
  7. Over-current protection.
  8. Easy wiring with RJ25 interface.
  9. 2.54mm pins for connecting with dubond lines.



for API document, please visit: API Documentation of Me Encoder Motor

3 thoughts on “DC Encoder Motor – 25 6V/185RPM”

  1. Can this motor be used whit the MegaPi? I have a MegaPi and the MegaPi Encoder/DC Motor Driver. Is there somewhere a example program? Or can you give me the code for the MegaPi that makes this motor run?

      1. thank you the motor worked.
        but i had some errors whit the example program.
        i had to change the program to:

        #include “MeMegaPi.h”
        const byte interruptPin =18;
        const byte NE1=31;
        long count=0;
        unsigned long time;
        unsigned long last_time;
        MeMegaPiDCMotor motor1(PORT1B);
        uint8_t motorSpeed = 100;
        void setup()
        pinMode(interruptPin, INPUT_PULLUP);
        pinMode(NE1, INPUT);

        void loop()
        motor1.run(20); // value: between -255 and 255

        this did the job.
        thank you Eric

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