Makeblock-library-for-Arduino  V3.2.4
It's a library for arduino application developers
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 Me4Button.cppDriver for Me 4 Button module
 Me4Button.hHeader for Me4Button.cpp module
 Me7SegmentDisplay.cppDriver for Me 7 Segment Serial Display module
 Me7SegmentDisplay.hHeader file for Me7SegmentDisplay.cpp
 MeAuriga.hDriver for MeAuriga board
 MeBaseBoard.hDriver for BaseBoard
 MeBluetooth.cppDriver for Me Bluetooth device
 MeBluetooth.hHeader for MeBluetooth.cpp module
 MeBuzzer.cppDriver for Me Buzzer module
 MeBuzzer.hHeader for MeBuzzer.cpp module
 MeCompass.cppDriver for MeCompass module
 MeCompass.hHeader for MeCompass.cpp module
 MeConfig.hConfiguration file of library
 MeDCMotor.cppDriver for Me DC motor device
 MeDCMotor.hHeader for MeDCMotor.cpp module
 MeEEPROM.hLocation map for EEPROM
 MeEncoderMotor.cppDriver for Encoder Motor module
 MeEncoderMotor.hHeader for MeEncoderMotor.cpp module
 MeEncoderNew.cppDriver for Me Encoder New module
 MeEncoderNew.hHeader for MeEncoderNew.cpp module
 MeEncoderOnBoard.cppDriver for Encoder module on MeAuriga and MeMegaPi
 MeEncoderOnBoard.hHeader for MeEncoderOnBoard.cpp module
 MeFlameSensor.cppDriver for Me flame snesor device
 MeFlameSensor.hHeader for MeFlameSensor.cpp module
 MeGasSensor.cppDriver for Me gas snesor device
 MeGasSensor.hHeader for MeGasSensor.cpp module
 MeGyro.cppDriver for MeGyro module
 MeGyro.hHeader for MeGyro.cpp module
 MeHostParser.cppDriver for Me Host Parser module
 MeHostParser.hHeader for MeHostParser.cpp module
 MeHumitureSensor.cppDriver for humiture sensor device
 MeHumitureSensor.hHeader for for MeHumitureSensor.cpp module
 MeInfraredReceiver.cppDriver for Me Infrared Receiver device
 MeInfraredReceiver.hHeader for for MeInfraredReceiver.cpp module
 MeIR.cppDriver for Me IR module
 MeIR.hHeader for MeIR.cpp module
 MeJoystick.cppDriver for Me Joystick module
 MeJoystick.hHeader for MeJoystick.cpp module
 MeLEDMatrix.cppDriver for Me LED Matrix module
 MeLEDMatrix.hHeader for MeLEDMatrix.cpp module
 MeLEDMatrixData.hSymbol data for Me LED Matrix module
 MeLightSensor.cppDriver for Me-Light Sensor module
 MeLightSensor.hHeader file for Me-Light Sensor.cpp
 MeLimitSwitch.cppDriver for Me LimitSwitch module
 MeLimitSwitch.hHeader for MeLimitSwitch.cpp
 MeLineFollower.cppDriver for Me line follwer device
 MeLineFollower.hHeader for for MeLineFollower.cpp module
 MeMbotDCMotor.cppDriver for Mbot DC Motor
 MeMbotDCMotor.hDriver for Mbot DC Motor
 MeMCore.hDriver for mCore Board
 MeMegaPi.hDriver for MegaPi board
 MeMegaPiDCMotor.cppDriver for Me Megapi DC motor device
 MeMegaPiDCMotor.hHeader for MeMegaPiDCMotor.cpp module
 MeOnBoardTemp.cppDriver for Auriga On Board Temperature device
 MeOnBoardTemp.hHeader for MeOnBoardTemp.cpp module
 MeOneWire.cppDriver for 1-wire protocol
 MeOneWire.hHeader for MeOneWire.cpp module
 MeOrion.hDriver for MeOrion board
 MePIRMotionSensor.cppDriver for Me PIR Motion Sensor module
 MePIRMotionSensor.hHeader for MePIRMotionSensor.cpp
 MePort.cppPort Mapping for RJ25
 MePort.hHeader for MePort.cpp module
 MePotentiometer.cppDriver for Me potentiometer module
 MePotentiometer.hHeader for MePotentiometer.cpp
 MeRGBLed.cppDriver for W2812 full-color LED lights
 MeRGBLed.hHeader for MeRGBLed.cpp module
 MeSerial.cppThis file is a drive for serial
 MeSerial.hHeader for for MeSerial.cpp module
 MeShield.hDriver for Shield Board
 MeShutter.cppDriver for Me Shutter device
 MeShutter.hHeader for MeShutter.cpp module
 MeSoundSensor.cppDriver for Me sound sensor device
 MeSoundSensor.hHeader for for MeSoundSensor.cpp module
 MeStepper.cppDriver for Stepper device
 MeStepper.hHeader for MeStepper.cpp module
 MeStepperOnBoard.cppDriver for Stepper device
 MeStepperOnBoard.hHeader for MeStepperOnBoard.cpp module
 MeTemperature.cppDriver for temperature sensor device
 MeTemperature.hHeader for MeTemperature.cpp module
 MeTouchSensor.cppDriver for Me touch sensor device
 MeTouchSensor.hHeader for for MeTouchSensor.cpp module
 MeUltrasonicSensor.cppDriver for Me ultrasonic sensor device
 MeUltrasonicSensor.hHeader for for MeUltrasonicSensor.cpp module
 MeUSBHost.cppDriver for Me USB Host module
 MeUSBHost.hHeader for MeUSBHost.cpp module
 MeVoice.cppDriver for Me voice device
 MeVoice.hHeader for for MeVoice.cpp module
 MeWifi.cppDriver for Me wifi device
 MeWifi.hHeader for for MeWifi.cpp module