Makeblock-library-for-Arduino  V3.2.4
It's a library for arduino application developers
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CcRGBClass for RGB Led Module
 CMe4ButtonDriver for Me 4 Button module
 CMe7SegmentDisplayClass for numeric display module
 CMeBluetoothDriver for Me Bluetooth device
 CMeBuzzerDriver for Me Buzzer module
 CMeCompassDriver for MeCompass module
 CMeDCMotorDriver for Me DC motor device
 CMeEncoderMotorClass for Encoder Motor Driver
 CMeEncoderNewDriver for Me Encoder New module
 CMeEncoderOnBoardDriver for Encoder module on MeAuriga and MeMegaPi
 CMeFlameSensorDriver for Me flame snesor device
 CMeGasSensorDriver for Me gas snesor device
 CMeGyroDriver for MeGyro module
 CMeHostParserDriver for Me Host Parser module
 CMeHumitureDriver for humiture sensor device
 CMeInfraredReceiverDriver for Me Infrared Receiver device
 CMeIRDriver for Me IR module
 CMeJoystickDriver for Me Joystick module
 CMeLEDMatrixDriver for Me LED Matrix module
 CMeLightSensorDriver for Me-Light Sensor module
 CMeLimitSwitchDriver for Me_LimitSwitch module
 CMeLineFollowerDriver for Me line follwer device
 CMeMegaPiDCMotorDriver for Me Megapi DC motor device
 CMeOnBoardTempDriver for Auriga On Board Temperature device
 CMeOneWireDriver for 1-wire protocol
 CMePIRMotionSensorDriver for Me PIR Motion Sensor module
 CMePortPort Mapping for RJ25
 CMePotentiometerDriver for Me potentiometer module
 CMeRGBLedDriver for W2812 full-color LED
 CMeSerialDriver for serial
 CMeShutterDriver for Me Shutter device
 CMeSoundSensorDriver for Me sound sensor device
 CMeStepperDriver for Me Stepper device
 CMeStepperOnBoardDriver for Me Stepper on MegaPi
 CMeTemperatureDriver for temperature sensor device
 CMeTouchSensorDriver for Me touch sensor device
 CMeUltrasonicSensorDriver for Me ultrasonic sensor device
 CMeUSBHostDriver for Me USB Host module
 CMeVoiceDriver for Me voice device
 CMeWifiDriver for Me wifi device