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MeGyro.h File Reference

Header for MeGyro.cpp module. More...

#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <Arduino.h>
#include "MeConfig.h"
#include "MePort.h"

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class  MeGyro
 Driver for MeGyro module. More...


#define I2C_ERROR   (-1)
#define GYRO_DEFAULT_ADDRESS   (0x68)

Detailed Description

Header for MeGyro.cpp module.

This software is Copyright (C), 2012-2016, MakeBlock. Use is subject to license
conditions. The main licensing options available are GPL V2 or Commercial:
Open Source Licensing GPL V2
This is the appropriate option if you want to share the source code of your
application with everyone you distribute it to, and you also want to give them
the right to share who uses it. If you wish to use this software under Open
Source Licensing, you must contribute all your source code to the open source
community in accordance with the GPL Version 2 when your application is
distributed. See
This file is a drive for MeGyro module, It supports MeGyro V1.0 device provided by MakeBlock.
Method List:
  1. void MeGyro::setpin(uint8_t AD0, uint8_t INT)
  2. void MeGyro::begin(void)
  3. void MeGyro::update(void)
  4. void MeGyro::fast_update(void)
  5. uint8_t MeGyro::getDevAddr(void)
  6. double MeGyro::getAngleX(void)
  7. double MeGyro::getAngleY(void)
  8. double MeGyro::getAngleZ(void)
  9. double MeGyro::getGyroX(void)
  10. double MeGyro::getGyroY(void)
<Author>         <Time>        <Version>        <Descr>
 Lawrence         2015/09/02          1.0.0         rebuild the old lib.
 Lawrence         2015/09/10          1.0.1         Added some comments and macros.
 Mark Yan         2016/03/09          1.0.2         Add function fast_update.
 Mark Yan         2016/03/09          1.0.3         Add function getGyroX and getGyroY.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define GYRO_DEFAULT_ADDRESS   (0x68)
#define I2C_ERROR   (-1)