Makeblock-library-for-Arduino  V3.2.4
It's a library for arduino application developers
Makeblock library for Arduino

This is the library provided by makeblock.
It provides drivers for all makeblock RJ25 jack interface modules.
The latest version of this documentation can see from here

Package can be download from
If you are familiar with git, you also can clone it from


Install the package in the normal way: unzip the distribution zip file to the libraries
sub-folder of your sketchbook or Arduino,
copy files in makeblock/src folder to arduino/libraries/Makeblock/


This library is offered under GPLv2 license for those who want to use it that way.
Additional information can be found at
We are tring hard to keep it up to date, fix bugs free and to provide free support on our site.


This software is Copyright (C), 2012-2016, MakeBlock. Use is subject to license
conditions. The main licensing options available are GPL V2 or Commercial:

Open Source Licensing GPL V2
This is the appropriate option if you want to share the source code of your
application with everyone you distribute it to, and you also want to give them
the right to share who uses it. If you wish to use this software under Open
Source Licensing, you must contribute all your source code to the open source
community in accordance with the GPL Version 2 when your application is
distributed. See
Author           Time           Version          Descr
Mark Yan         2015/07/24     3.0.0            Rebuild the old lib.
Rafael Lee       2015/09/02     3.1.0            Added some comments and macros.
Lawrence         2015/09/09     3.2.0            Include some Arduino's official headfiles which path specified.
Mark Yan         2015/11/02     3.2.1            fix bug on MACOS.
Mark Yan         2016/01/21     3.2.2            fix some library bugs.
Mark Yan         2016/05/17     3.2.3            add support for MegaPi and Auriga Board.
Mark Yan         2016/07/27     3.2.4            fix some JIRA issue, add PID motion for Megapi/Auriga on board encoder motor
Mark Yan (